Zoneazul offers professional aerial photos and videos of this exceptional view, you being the producer, it being a luxury villa or a rural finca, your boat, your car or footage of yourself with your family and friends as the birds see you.

Owning a drone was a long time dream for me, Heidi, and the dream came true when I bought a DJI Mini SE Fly More Combo in 2021. It started out as a fun hobby, to shoot footage of Finca Itaca and the surrounding area. The drone was eventually brought aboard Tealie and lifted up to capture some great moments on the Mediterranean. It is easy to lift it up in the air, but most of the time a challenge to land on a boat covered by a bimini, a sprayhood, ropes and sails, moving with the waves and the wind. Details for another moment.

Last year I applied for all the necessary permits and also took a certificate to fly professionally. I am now a registered drone operator and have a certified A1/A3 license in Spain. Besides being the skipper's right hand, I also work as a drone photographer for real estate agencies on Costa del Sol.
Flying a drone seems easy, and it is, but there are still numerous things to take into consideration before flying. This is not the forum to go into technical details, but one of the obvious aspects to consider is the weather. If the wind is too strong, the drone should be kept on the ground. In the coastal areas the seagulls are a nuisance, them thinking the drone is a sworn enemy.

In certain areas there are restrictions and prohibited to fly, that being military areas, airports, nature reserves, large groups of people etc. In areas with no restrictions I can fly up to max. 120 m. and as far as my eyes can see, unless I have someone to help me with the lookout.

Conclusion; flying a drone is easy but at the same time a little complicated. It hasn't stopped me so far, so please don't hesitate to contact me should you want a bird's-eye view of your world.


The price depends on the project, the location and the amount of hours it takes to get what you want. Please contact me for a friendly consultation and I am sure we will come to an agreement.


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