The name zoneazul can be translated into blue zone, with azul being blue in Spanish. The name comes from a company Heidi started in Fuengirola in 2001, and not wanting to let this blue zone be, it has now been revived into a different form being perfect with what we have to offer, sailing on the blue sea and flying in the blue sky.


HARALD was born in Kristiansand, Norway in the 1950s and was brought up in Bømlo, on the west coast of Norway. He went to sea at a very young age and became a skipper on coastal and North Sea trade only 27 years old. From there he became a Captain on chemical tankers up to 55.000 Mt. He worked as a coastal pilot for 5 years, stationed in Honningsvåg, far north in Norway. After 40 years of working on ships world wide, he brought Heidi to Hamburg and ended his long carrier at one the world's biggest ship management companies. After 10 years in Germany it was time to retire and move back to Spain. Finca Itaca became a reality in 2017 and when he is not working as a farmer shovelling dirt or planting trees, he spends his time as a skipper sailing Tealie or walking Moity, Max and Milo around the beautiful mountains of Sierra de las Nieves. A perfect life for a restless soul. At the time of writing he is the proud father of five and grandfather to nine, and still counting.

HEIDI was brought up in South Africa in the early 1970s and was moved to Evje, in the south of Norway at the age of nine. After graduating she started working as an IT consultant at various companies in Oslo, Norway, and spent three of her holidays traveling around the world as a backpacker. When time was right she left for Brazil and ended up in México City. After 13 months in this bustling capital she landed in Fuengirola, Spain, where she founded the first zoneazul, an IT company. This is where she stumbled upon Harald as her first client and eventually married him in 2007, at the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Calahonda, Spain. Harald invited her to go sailing on M/T Kihuland with him as a Captain and who wouldn't want to sit at the Captain's table every evening? After two trips and a total of 14 months traveling around the world aboard this beautiful ship she also ended up in Hamburg and her life blended in with Harald's. Another perfect life for another restless soul.

TEALIE came into our life in September 2021. We had a dream of sometime owning a sailboat and finally our dream came true. This girl has proven to be a robust and remarkable boat, who has given us many great memories and trips with family and friends, and lately with guests. She showed her true self on the Atlantic ocean in December 2022, from Lanzarote to Tanger. She took us through a horrendous storm hitting 11 on the Beaufort scale but drifted like a queen through the rough waters, not caring about the rain, thunder and lightning or the powerful winds. For ten hours we were at her mercy drifting with her on the storm. After this rough experience we learned that she stands whatever comes her way, and so do we as skippers. We therefore continue with even greater confidence to offer majestic sunrise, romantic sunset and glorious full moon cruises, whatever suits you and your company.


Coming up with a name for this wonderful girl took some imagination and time. We finally ended up with TEALIE which is an acronym and stands for our four parents (Torfinn, Erna, Arne, Lilli), Itaca, our puppy that we lost in a tragic drowning accident a few years back and Heidi's stepmother, Elisabeth. Unfortunately four of these souls are not with us today but are forever in our hearts and are together with us on all our sailing trips. Photo : The T in Tealie is in charge :-)